Seven Electrical Insulation Material Series Introduction

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A brief description of the seven major series of insulation material

According to the classification of national standard, the insulation materials mainly include 7 series.
Varnish, resin and glue.
Impregnated fiber products
Laminated products
Plastic products
Mica products
Film, tape and composite material
Other insulation material
Insulation machined parts

Below is a detailed description of the seven types of insulating materials


1.Varnish, resin and glue.

There are many varieties of them, and the most representative products including :
1032 Alkyd varnish, lacquer,1730 varnish for enameled wire.
There are 2 series of impregnating varnish: solvent and solvent-free , mainly used for dipping the coils of motors and transformers, to fill their gaps and pores, and after the varnish cured, ,it can form a continuous flat film on the surface ,and make it a overall hard insulation part.
Varnish for enameled wire is mainly used for the insulation of the wire core. Its paint needs to have high adhesion, smooth, soft and resilient surface, high abrasion resistance and elasticity, good electrical properties, heat resistance, solvent resistance, and won't cause corrosion to the conductor.
Coating varnish and silicon steel sheet varnish: used for coating the impregnated coil insulation components, silicon still sheet and its shell, to form a insulation layer on the surface. 
There is a great demand of this series of insulation material, but it also has a great pollution to the environment.

2  Impregnated fiber products

Including fiberglass cloth, adhesive tape and banding tape, the most representative products including: 2450 Silicone varnished glass cloth,XU2110 diamond dotted paper, DMD epoxy resin impregnated material.

2.1  silicone varnished glass cloth                                     

Type NO. 2450
It's made of electrical non-alkali fiberglass cloth impregnated with silicone varnish, it has a high heat resistance and mechanical properties, good dielectric properties, oil resistance, can be used for the insulating of the liner in transformer, its thermal class is H.
Width of the roll:15/20/25 mm. It also can be cut into other size, any other details can be negotiated.
Standard: JBT 8148,1-1999.

2.2  diamond dotter insulation paper.                                    

   Type NO. XU 2110(factory code)
It is electrical insulation paper quilted coated with modified epoxy resin, mainly used for the inter-layer insulation in the oil-type transformer. It can help to ensure the long-term mechanical and electrical insulation properties of the insulation structure.

2.3 DMD epoxy resin impregnated material                                  

The product is made of modified F-class DMD resistant epoxy resin impregnation, and cured by baking. It has a long shelf life at room temperature, low curing temperature, short curing time.
it has excellent electrical properties, adhesion properties and heat resistance after cured.
Thermal class is F. Suitable for the low voltage coil of copper (aluminum) foil wrapped liner insulation in dry-type transformers, class B and F motor, electric slot insulation.

3. Laminated products

Including laminated sheet, tube and rod, the most representative products like 3240 epoxy resin laminated sheet,XU-250 diphenyl laminated sheet, 3640 epoxy resin laminated tube, XU-380 laminated cotton cloth tube,3520 laminated paper tube,3725 laminated cotton cloth rod, 3840 epoxy resin laminated rod, and as one of the biggest manufactures in china, our company also have many other laminated products, like laminated wood sheet, baroque laminated tube, fiberglass winding tube, slot wedge and so on. 

3.1 3240 epoxy resin fiberglass cloth laminated sheet

Its surface should be smooth, without bubbles, pits or wrinkles, but other defects which won't affect the use can exist, such as: scratches, dents, stains, and a few spots. The edges should be cut neatly, and there can't be any delamination or cracks in the side.
Standard: GB/T1303.1-1998(natural color),also can be black, red and green. The product has excellent mechanical properties, has high mechanical strength in middle temperature, and high humidity electrical properties stability in high temperature. 
Application: Can be used for electrical, electronic, electrical and mechanical fields, suitable for
the insulation machined parts, can be machined into various types of insulation accessories and equipment insulation parts.  
Thickness:0.5-50 mm, we can provide more than 50 mm if needed.

3.2 3640 epoxy resin fiberglass cloth laminated tube                                     

It's made of non-alkali fiberglass cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin. 
Its surface should be smooth, can’t have any bubbles, slight wrinkle can exist in the inner wall. 
Ends should be cut neatly.
This kind of products has high mechanical properties, heat resistance and dielectric properties, can be used in electrical machines as insulation structure parts in the wet conditions or in transformer oil. 3640 is one of the most needed products in the market, also widely used.
Min ID: 4 mm   Max OD: 1000 mm.

3.3 XU-380 phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube                                   

 XU-380 phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube
Phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube is made of cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin,
It has a high radial tensile strength, it's a traditional insulation materials, its inside and outside surfaces should be free of lattices, ends should not have cracks, delamination, the ends need to be cut neatly. 
Standard: GB/T5132.  Density:≥1.2 g/cm³  Radial tensile strength≥50Mpa.
Since the tube has an unique self-lubricating property, it can be used for many other fields, not only insulation, such as resistant materials, or the cage for the high speed bearings.

4.Plastic products

These products contain black phenolic molded plastic, as well as the newer white unsaturated polyester molding plastic products are widely used in everyday household low-voltage lines, and but the most important products in this series is DMC and SMC molded plastic products

4.1  DMC Plastic                                    

DMC is the short form of Dough(buld) Molding Compound, so it can also be called as BMC. The main raw materials are chopped fiberglass, unsaturated resin, fillers and various additives mixed together. Bulk Molding Compound has excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance, suitable for a variety of molding processes,can meet a variety of  requirements on properties from electrical products..

4.2  SMC Plastic                                  

SMC is the short form of Sheet Molding Compound. The main raw materials are chopped glass fiber, unsaturated resins, additives, fillers and various additives. SMC composite materials and SMC laminated products have excellent electrical insulating properties, mechanical properties, thermal stability, and good resistance to chemical corrosion. So its application range is very large.
Our company has got a large SMC molding press machine. But cause the problem with the mold, the machine is not in use temporarily.

5.Mica products 

In this series, the most important products are 54XX mica tapes insulation material.
It is really important material in modern electrical industry and electrification life, also the major insulating material in all the firepower, hydro, nuclear generators and large motors railway locomotives, mining motor. Can also be used for fire-resistant cable, Suitable for subways, underground mining tunnels and metal smelting environment.

5550-1 epoxy fiberglass powder mica tape

use epoxy phenolic anhydride adhesive varnish as adhesives, 
both sides with electrical non-alkali fiberglass cloth as reinforcement material, 
After pasting complex, cutting then finished as ribbon insulation material.
Suitable for the insulation in large and medium size high-voltage motor coil insulation, can withstand the temperature 155℃。

6.Film, tape and composite material 

In this series of products, the most important are insulating film products and composite products.
The insulation film products including the electrical polyimide film, polyester film, polypropylene film and some other varieties. Electrical polyester film as one of our company's semi-finished raw materials can also be distribution by us, it can be used for electrical insulation, printed circuit and solar electronics photovoltaic industry.
The most common composite products are 6630 and 6640 polyester composite material (DMD), can be used in fan motors, refrigeration motors, washing machine motors, electric car motors , mainly for slot insulation of the motor. With the development of dry-type power transformers, DMD has now become essential in the production of power transformers

6630 DMD polyester composite material

It’s made of one layer of polyester film and too layers of polyester non-woven fabric, DMD is its abbreviation. The color is white or pink, thickness is among 0.15—0.45mm, width:20-1020mm,
It has good mechanical strength, dielectric properties and high heat resistance, thermal class is from B to F. Can be used for the insulation between the layer insulation,liner insulation and inter turn insulation. Also can be used in Y series motors.

7. Other insulation material

Including electrical non-woven cloth, braided belt, polyester shrink tape, cable paper, insulation paper sheet, insulation oil. Non-woven cloth can be used for the banding of cable, and as semi-finished raw material of composite material. Braided belt and polyester shrink tape are mainly used for the banding or the coil. Cable paper, insulation paper sheet and insulation oil are used for the oil-type transformer. The braided belt(or tape) is one of our main products.
Type 1 : Non-alkali fiberglass tape
Thickness:10/15/25/30/50 mm.  
It has high heat resistance, excellent insulation resistance, corrosion resistance, low moisture absorption, and high tensile strength.
Suitable for the banding in transformer and motors. 
Standard: JC/T174-2004.
Type 2:l Electrical shrinking tape
It’s made of modified polyester fiberglass, has excellent heat resistance and insulation properties, 
high mechanical strength, excellent high shrinkage properties, 
Mainly used for transformers and reactors, electrical and military products,.
Thermal class: B,F and H.
Type 3: white cotton tape
Materials can be cotton or polyester, according to the process it can be plain and twill.
Thickness:15/20/25/30 mm, can be used for the banding in transformer and motor’s coil.

8  Insulation machined parts

This kind of products are mainly deep processing extension products of laminated products, and the plastic products also. Such as the end lop made of epoxy resin fiberglass winding tube, insulation structure at the end of phase-shift transformer coil.


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