Characteristics of G10 laminated fiberglass material sheet

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G10 laminated fiberglass sheet can be said to be one of the indispensable composite materials in the insulation sheet family. G10 epoxy sheet is the same as FR4. It uses glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin by heating and pressing, so what are the product characteristics of G10 laminated fiberglass sheet material?

Introduction to G10 laminated fiberglass sheet

The G10 laminated fiberglass sheet has excellent mechanical properties, such as heat resistance, water absorption, dielectric property after immersion in water, etc., so the G10 laminated fiberglass sheet is also a choice for high-end electrical insulation parts.

G10 has been widely used in many fields, such as electrical equipment insulation partition, backing plate, electronic lighting, wafer grinding, star wheel and potential plate.

The product specifications of G10 and insulation sheets like this are mostly customized. According to the manufacturers' requirements for products, products are made on the corresponding drawings. The thickness of G10 laminated fiberglass sheet is within the range of 0.1mm-350mm.

Product performance of G10 laminated fiberglass sheet

1. Strong insulation. The insulation performance of G10 laminated fiberglass sheet is very strong. No matter in wet or dry state, electrical performance is very good. So G10 laminated fiberglass sheet is a good choice for many high-end electrical insulation materials.

2. Tensile strength. At the very beginning, G10 laminated fiberglass sheet is applied in the aviation field, because G10 laminated fiberglass sheet material can withstand a large weight without deformation.

3. Various colors. Black, red, blue and green are available for G10 laminated fiberglass sheet.

4. Light weight. Compared with the traditional plate, the weight of laminated fiberglass material sheet is relatively light, which saves energy consumption very well in the application of many fields.

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