Fiberglass filament wound pipe price list

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Fiberglass filament wound pipe is made of high quality glass fiber immersed in super low viscosity high temperature epoxy resin and cross-wound under microcomputer control. It is a high quality raw material of composite hollow casing for high voltage, extra-high voltage SF6 high voltage electrical appliances and current transformers.

Advantages of fiberglass filament wound pipe:

1. The winding equipment is controlled by computer.

2. It can control 128 fiber lines at the same time.

3. Reliable software.

4. Precise glass fiber feed makes mechanical properties better.

5. A precise computer-controlled hardening furnace (electric or gas).

6. Accurate computer-controlled resin feeding and mixing station.

7. Computer-controlled machining equipment is capable of machining various joints including threads.

8. The hydrostatic test apparatus is controlled by computer and can be experimentally suppressed without limitation.

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