What is the cost of G10 fibreglass sheet?

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G10 fibreglass sheet is made of glass fiber cloth bonded with epoxy resin by heating and pressuring. Have you ever wondered what are the processing methods of G10 fibreglass sheet? What is the cost of G10 fibreglass sheet? That's what I want to share with you.

Processing method of G10 fibreglass sheet:

1. Computer gongs

Computer gongs are commonly known as CNC, also known as the processing center, in fact, is the same meaning. The function of the computer gong is good, it is divided into flat and inclined plane (or surface) CNC. Inclined plane CNC is relatively less, and flat plane CNC is more extensive, such as insulation gasket. Insulation rod and other small machined parts are processed by the way of computer gongs. The characteristics of computer gongs is flexible, fast, powerful function, and it is currently a common way of processing.

2. Drilling

This is a common way of processing. Whether the test fixture, or post-processing will have drilling. Larger manufacturers usually own a drilling room, which is usually closely related to the fixture. The work in drill room is not easy, but is relatively free. Usually, the consumables and equipment used in the drilling room are special drilling rigs, drill nozzles, colloidal particles, wooden pads, aluminum pads and so o

3. Cutting

This is a common way of processing in the market. In general factories, there is a board cutting machine for cutting plates. However, this kind of machine is usually rather rough. The tolerance of G10 fibreglass sheet can be controlled within 5mm.

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