Ireland customers have given good feedback on ZTelec FR4 sheets

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“The FR4 epoxy laminate parts arrived on time, thank you very much for all the help. We were impressed with the quality of the finished products. We will be in touch, in the near future.” One of our Ireland customers of ZTelec Group said.

We are very pleased to hear that our Ireland customers have such a high evaluation of our FR4 epoxy laminate glass sheet. Because the quality control department of ZTelec Group has been very strict with the FR4 epoxy laminate glass sheets. No matter in production or delivery, our quality inspection department all has a very strict standard. They always adhere to the standard of "will not miss every detail", so our customers always give us very high feedback after receiving the FR4 epoxy laminate glass sheets.

The application of FR4 epoxy laminate glass sheets

FR4 epoxy laminate glass sheets are suitable for insulating structural components of mechanical, electronic and electrical equipment with flame retardant requirements. They are widely used in motor, electrical equipment, transformers, FR4 lapping carrier, etc.

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