Electrical insulation press paper for high frequency welding machine in rolls China

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Electrical insulation press paper is a very critical insulating material with small amount in motor products. It is used for slot insulation of winding, interlayer insulation and phase insulation of three-phase motor. Different types of insulating paper should be used for motors of different heat resisting grades. The most commonly used types are composite insulating paper such as DMD, NMN and NHN. With the improvement of insulation performance and heat resisting performance of products, new insulating materials emerge, such as TFT composite insulating paper.

For electrical insulation press paper for high frequency welding machine in rolls china, performance requirements such as high toughness, excellent dielectric properties, high thermal conductivity, ease of insertion, certain hardness, resilience and appropriate heat resistance grades shall be required. Different use environments have different requirements on insulating materials. For corrosive environment, corresponding insulating materials must have certain corrosion resistance.

In the actual use, we should try our best to keep the original state of the electrical insulation press paper, without the appearance of creasing, layering, bubbling and other phenomena affecting the insulating performance. Good insulation material can effectively improve the service life of the motor. On the contrary, insulation material whose performance does not meet the requirements will make the motor life greatly reduced. Insulating paper is a general term for electrical insulating paper. Electrical insulation press paper is used as insulation material for electrical equipment such as cables and coils. In addition to the good insulation performance and mechanical strength, but also it has its own characteristics.

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