Phenolic cotton sheet and phenolic paper sheet

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Phenolic sheets of ZTelec Group can be divided into phenolic cotton sheet and phenolic paper sheet. The following article will introduce to you respectively.

Definition and purpose of phenolic cotton sheet

Phenolic cotton sheet is made from cotton cloth soaked in phenolic resin by hot-pressingand drying. 3136 is made from bleached cloth soaked in phenolic resin by hot-pressing.3025 has high mechanical properties, suitable for machinery, motor, electrical equipment as insulation structure parts, and can be used in transformer oil. With high mechanical strength, 3136 can be used as rubber gear bearing bush, guide wheel and other mechanical parts.

Appearance of phenolic cotton sheet

The surface of phenolic cotton laminate sheet should be flat, no bubble, eye, and impurities. A small number of spots are allowed. The edge shall be cut neatly and the end face shall not be layered or cracked.

Introduction of phenolic paper sheet

Bakelite sheet is also known as plastic board or phenolic laminated board. It is made of high quality bleached wood paper and lint paper as reinforcement, and phenolic resin as a resin binder made from high purity and fully synthetic petrochemical raw materials.

Main characteristics of ZTelec Group phenolic paper sheet: good mechanical strength and anti-static features. It is made by impregnated paper dipped in phenolic resin by baking and hot pressing. The product is suitable for the motor, electrical equipment with high mechanical performance requirements as the insulation structure parts, and can be used in transformer oil.

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