Insulating sheet phenolic resin laminate

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We also call the bakelite sheet veneer, it actually named insulating sheet phenolic resin laminate. Paperboard is not meant to be made out of paper, nor is it easily torn like a paper. It is made of high quality bleached wood paper and lint paper as a reinforcement, and phenolic resin as a resin binder made from high purity, fully synthetic petrochemical raw materials. Bakelite sheet has the insulation, it does not produce the static electricity and so on. Therefore, bakelite sheet is widely used in the production of electrical circuit board, the mechanical insulation parts with higher insulation requirements.

Bakelite sheet is applied in different fields, sometimes it also need different colors, so bakelite sheet has absolutely red, black, yellow, coffee color, etc. The regular size (thickness × width × length) of bakelite sheet is: 3~80mm×1000mm×1220/2000mm. In addition, ZTelec Group can customize and process bakelite sheet of different specifications according to different requirements of customers. Bakelite sheets are the first choice for many plastic products because of its low raw material price and excellent product characteristics.

For the workers engaged in insulating sheet phenolic resin laminate, sheet phenolic resin laminate will produce dust during the processing. Long-term contact with insulating sheet phenolic resin laminate dust is not beneficial to human health. Therefore, workers must protect themselves well when cutting and processing, beware of inhaling dust, avoid the skin contacting with dust, otherwise it will produce discomfort. ZTelec Group welcomes your inquiry.

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