Types of insulation paper for motor winding

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Insulation paper for motor winding is a general term for electrical insulating paper, which is used as an insulating material for electrical equipment such as cables and coils. In addition to their good insulation and mechanical strength, they also have their own characteristics. Today we'll see if insulation paper for motor winding can withstand voltage.

NMN insulating paper is a soft composite material consisting of an intermediate layer of polyester film and Nomex paper on both sides, with heat resistance grade F (155℃). It has good mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength, edge tear resistance and good electrical strength.

The surface of NMN insulation paper is smooth. When using automatic winding machine in low-voltage motor production, there will be no fault. NMN insulating paper is mainly used for the insulation between the slot, slot cover and phase of low-voltage motor, but also can be used for the insulation between transformers and other electrical appliances.

Features of insulation paper for motor winding:

1. Inherent insulation strength

Motor insulation paper can withstand 15 to 35KV/mm short-time voltage field strength, it doesn’t need to use varnish and resin. Due to the low dielectric constant of the product, the electric field distribution between insulating medium and cooling medium is more even.

2. Mechanical toughness

After the pressing process, the strength of the insulating paper will become relatively high, and its elasticity, tear resistance and wear resistance are better;

3. Thermal stability

Insulation paper for motor winding can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years even if placed continuously at 220℃;

4. Chemical compatibility

This kind of insulating paper for motor winding is basically not affected by solvents, and very resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It is suitable for all varnishes, adhesives, transformer oils, lubricants and freezers. In addition, insulating paper will not be damaged by insects, fungi and molds;

5. Low temperature performance

At the nitrogen boiling point (77K), the tensile strength of insulation paper T410, 993 and 994 type laminates exceeds the strength value at room temperature.

6. Not sensitive to water

When the relative humidity is 90%, the dielectric strength of insulating paper is 80% of that of completely dry paper, and many mechanical properties are improved.

7. Radiation resistance

Even with ionizing radiation of up to 800 megs of electrons, insulating paper is basically unaffected and retains its mechanical and electrical properties after eight radiations.

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