12 foot long epoxy fiberglass rod 11 16 diameter

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Product introduction of 12 foot long epoxy fiberglass rod 11 16 diameter

12 foot long epoxy fiberglass rod 11 16 diameter is made of high strength aramid fiber and glass fiber, impregnated with epoxy resin by pultruding under high temperature. It has ultra-high strength, excellent wear resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent high temperature performance characteristics. It is suitable for electrolytic aluminum plant, steel works, high temperature metallurgical equipment, ultra-high voltage electrical equipment, aerospace and aerospace fields, transformers, capacitors, reactors, high voltage switches and other high voltage electrical appliances.

Product performance of 12 foot long epoxy fiberglass rod 11 16 diameter

1. As a result of continuous pultruding with the mixture of arylon fiber and glass fiber, the product has excellent resistance to mechanical pressure and tensile force. Its tensile strength reaches 1500MPa, far exceeding the 570Mpa of no. 45 precision cast steel. Excellent electrical performance, voltage withstand grade is 10KV-1000KV. Strong corrosion resistance, high bending strength, and it is not easy to bend, easy to use and so on.

2. The allowable long-term working temperature of the product is 170-210℃; The maximum short-circuit operating temperature of the product is 260℃ (less than 5 seconds).

3. The use of high-quality release agent can ensure that the product surface is very smooth, no color difference, no burr and no scratch.

4. The heat resistance grade and insulation grade of the product can reach H class.

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