Classification of winding insulation paper and paperboard

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Classification of electrical winding insulating paper and paperboard can be divided into: bakelized paper, power cable paper, communication cable paper, semiconductor cable paper, telephone paper, electric insulation board, wrapping insulating paper, electrolytic capacitor paper, capacitor paper, crepe cable paper, dry polyester composite insulating paper, double layer double density electrolytic capacitor paper, 110 ~ 330KV high-voltage cable paper, 500KV ehv cable paper, ceramic dielectric professional capacitors paper, battery diaphragm paper, class H electrical insulating paper, battery diaphragm base paper, self-extinguishing bakelized paper, 50KV electrical turn-to-turn insulation paper, 50KV oiled paper casing insulating paper, insulation crepe paper and impregnated liner board.

An insulating material is a solid used to isolate different conductors of electricity. Solid insulation is also generally required to have a supporting role. Because the higher density of solid insulation material, the breakdown strength is also much higher. The insulation resistance, dielectric constant of solid insulation material vary in a wide range.

Solid insulation materials may be classified into inorganic and organic categories.

Inorganic solid insulation materials: Mainly powder mica and mica products, glass, glass fiber and its products, as well as electric porcelain, alumina film, etc. They are high temperature resistant, not easy to aging, with considerable mechanical strength. Some of low cost materials etc. occupy a certain position in the application.

Glass is simpler than ceramics and can be made. Glass fiber can be made into silk, cloth, tape, and has much higher heat resistance than organic fiber, which plays an important role in the development of insulation structure to high temperature.

Organic solid insulation materials: Mainly natural products, such as paper, cotton, silk, curable vegetable oil, etc in the 19th century. These materials are flexible, which can meet the application process requirements, and easy to obtain.

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