Electrical insulation materials for pipe

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What are the mechanical properties of electrical insulation materials for pipe at low temperature?

Tensile, bending and compression methods were used to evaluate the mechanical properties of the samples. The test is about the tensile strength of epoxy glass, the compression strength and the bending strength.

When analyzing and testing the mechanical properties of composite materials, it is mainly aimed at the stress state of composite materials in the supporting structure. The load of composite structure is mainly compression, bending and shearing, while the stress state of glass fiber is mainly stretching and compression along the fiber direction, and bending load in vertical and fiber direction. The experiments were tensile and compression parallel to the direction of the fiber, three-point bending perpendicular to the direction of the fiber, and interlaminar shear of the plate material.

The prediction accuracy of unidirectional composite material strength is far from reaching the level of engineering constant. The reason is that the strength is sensitive to defects and closely related to the material failure mechanism. In addition to the physical and mechanical properties, fiber shape, distribution and volume fraction of the fiber and matrix, the interface condition, working environment and loading state of the fiber matrix also have a great influence. In addition, the strength of composite materials is particularly sensitive to the technological process, and changes in various technological parameters (such as curing temperature, pressure and time, fiber surface treatment state, etc.) will lead to changes in a series of factors affecting the strength of composite materials (such as fiber distribution, voids and microcracks, residual thermal stress, interface strength, etc). These complex factors contribute to the strength prediction of composite materials.

The tensile, compression and bending strength of electrical insulation materials for pipe epoxy glass wound tubes at low temperatures is very high, almost twice that at room temperature.

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