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ZTelec Group is a professional manufacturer of epoxy glass laminate G10 sheet, with its own independent scientific research team. With our constantly surpassing and innovative ideas, the mechanical properties of epoxy glass laminate G10 sheet processed by us have broken through again. Now I will make a detailed explanation.

First of all, let me show you what the mechanical properties are.

Popularly, it points that the mechanical characteristics of a material under different conditions (temperature, medium, humidity) under various external loads (tensile, compression, bending, torsion, impact, alternating stress, etc).

Now let's look specifically what the breakthrough of mechanical properties of epoxy glass laminate G10 sheet is?

(1) Anti-fatigue. Fatigue has a great effect on the performance of epoxy glass laminate G10 sheet. The fatigue resistance of epoxy plate improves its resistance to fatigue damage of material parts and structural parts.

(2) Ductility. Under the action of tension and pressure, epoxy glass laminate G10 sheet material can bear more plastic deformation before fracture, which greatly improves the plasticity and life of the epoxy glass laminate G10 sheet.

(3) Toughness has broken through again. The toughness greatly improves the bending strength of the laminate G10 sheet and makes it possible to use diversified electrical equipment, which increases the service life of the G10 sheet.

(4) Stronger adaptability to temperature. The use temperature of epoxy glass laminate G10 sheet can be up to 155 degrees, which greatly expands the temperature limit of the plate. There is no need to worry about the influence of high temperature on the life of the plate.

ZTelec Group is specialized in processing epoxy glass laminate G10 sheet. We have not only improved the performance of the laminate G10 sheet, but also improved its appearance. If you need to buy, welcome to inquire our company.

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