Function of insulation paper on motor

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This article will give you some knowledge of insulation paper on motor, including its function and heat resistance grade, etc.

1.What are the aspects of the motor insulation?

A: The insulation of the motor includes the insulation between the coils, turns, rows, layers and the ground, the insulation between the terminals of various supports or fixed permanent insulating elements, and the insulation between the connecting wires and the leads.

2. What is the main insulation of the coil?

A: The main insulation of the coil is the insulation between the coil and other windings, also known as ground insulation.

3. What is interturn insulation?

The insulation between turns refers to the insulation between turns of the same coil.

4. What is strands insulation?

A: The insulation between the strands refers to the insulation between the strands of the same turn, generally the insulation of the winding wire itself.

5. What is the heat resistance grade of insulating paper?

A: Insulation paper on motor is generally classified into categories A, E, B, F, H and C.

6. What are the allowable temperatures for the six main heat resisting grades of insulation paper on motor?

A: The allowable temperatures for the six grades are: Class A 105, Class E 120, Class B 130, Class F 155, Class H 180 and above C 180.

7. What factors are related to the insulation life of motor?

A: The insulation life of the motor is related to the material used by the motor, insulation structure, insulation technology, test means, management level and other factors, such as machine, electric power, thermal power, chemistry, environment and moisture in operation.

8. What are the electrical characteristics of motor insulation paper?

A: The electrical performance of electrical insulation refers to the electrical strength resistance, corona resistance, tangent of dielectric loss angle and its increment to 98 insulation resistance, relative dielectric coefficient.

9. Which kinds of motor composite insulating paper are commonly used?

A: Common composite insulation materials are: 1. 6520 composite insulation paper 2. 6630 composite insulating paper 3. 6640 NMN composite insulating paper 4. DMD composite insulating paper 5. 6650 NHN composite insulating paper 6. Motor film, dupont paper, etc

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