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Halogen-free is the demand of many high-end electronic and electrical products. With the continuous destruction of the environment in China, people have a more and more profound understanding of environmental protection. So in the insulation industry, halogen-free ultra fine fibre glass sheets have become one of the main materials for people to buy on line. Because a lot of people don’t understand it, and do not know the color of halogen-free ultra fine fibre glass sheets, today I’d like to share this topic with everybody.

First of all, what are the models of halogen-free ultra fine fibre glass sheets?

Today, there are many types of epoxy boards, but they are generally divided into 3240, FR4, garolite G10 and G11 sheets. Except for the 3240 epoxy boards, all the other models are halogen-free. And the performance characteristics of each model go up a storey still higher. Nowadays, with the continuous development of scientific research, a great breakthrough has been made in the heat resistance of G11 epoxy sheet. Its high-temperature resistance features are as high as 160 degrees and thermal stress as high as 288 degrees.

Now what are the colors of halogen-free ultra fine fibre glass sheets?

In fact, the color of epoxy board can be processed according to the specific needs of customers, but the common color is yellow, aqua, ivory and black. Among them, the ivory epoxy board with magnet has the function of automatic awakening for the support board of mobile phone leather case. Because of the complexity of processing, the price of black fibre glass sheet is higher than that of yellow and aqua green.

Tips: In fact, no matter what color the ultra fine fibre glass sheet has, it has its own advantages. We only need to choose the most suitable one according to our own needs. If you don't know which color of the fibre glass sheet is more suitable for you, our sales staff will recommend the best one according to your needs.

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