Insulation paper for transformer wire

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High frequency transformer is the core of switching power supply. On the one hand, switching power supply realizes the basic conversion of input and output voltage through it. On the other hand, switching power supplies also use it to isolate high voltage inputs and outputs. In order to realize high voltage isolation of switching power supply through high frequency transformer, insulation paper protection of high frequency transformer and transformer wire is essential.

Insulation paper protection for high-frequency transformers is generally divided into turn-to-turn insulation, layer insulation, winding pair insulation and magnetic core insulation. The specific description is as follows:

1) Isolation between turns, such as the sixth turn, the fifth turn and the seventh turn of the transformer. In most cases, the traditional separation between turns can be realized by enamoured wire, and the appropriate enamoured wire can be selected according to the voltage/number of turns (voltage) of the designed transformer. Of course, in actual use, enameled wire insulating paper layer is easy to be damaged by high temperature. So in the design process, in addition to the above V/ turns, we should select further according to the winding loss and temperature rise.

2) Interlayer isolation refers to the isolation between different winding layers of single winding of high-frequency transformer. For example, wind B into three layers, and the isolation between the wound layer and adjacent layers 1 and 3 is called interlayer isolation. According to the self-insulating paper layer between each layer of enameled wire, a certain degree of isolation between layers can be achieved, and high temperature insulating paper tape can be wound between layers to further enhance the insulating paper between layers. During the design process, as mentioned above, reasonable sandwich insulation paper can be selected according to V/Layer and working temperature rise. Of course, in order to save the window area of transformer windings, it is not recommended to wrap insulation paper tape between each layer when it is not needed, which will lead to large volume of transformer windings and increase the difficulty of winding.

3) Winding pair isolation refers to the isolation between different windings of high-frequency transformers. For example, a transformer has three windings: A, B, and C. The isolation between the windings AB, AC, and BC is called winding pair isolation. Winding pair isolation is the main link to realize high frequency transformer input and output isolation.

Okay, so that's the insulation paper protection for high frequency transformers and transformer wire. Through this article, we will have a better understanding of the protection of high-frequency transformer insulating paper.

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