Glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod

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This article will give you a brief introduction of the performance characteristics of 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod.

Glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod is a general term. It includes a number of models such as: 3240, FR4, 3840, 3640, etc., of which 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod is just one model. For this model, I think many people are a little strange, because there are fewer performance features on the Internet compared to the 3240 epoxy rod. To broaden your knowledge, I interviewed professionals in the industry and made the following summary:

Product introduction of 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod

In fact, it is made of similar material to FR4 epoxy rods and is one of the most productive varieties of insulation rods at present. They are round shaped rods impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin from an electrical non-alkali glass cloth by hot-pressing via a molding tool. It has high temperature resistance (Grade B), dielectric, high insulation, easy to process, anti-static, moisture and other advantages. At present, most of 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rods are used in high-precision instruments, automobile engines, transformers, lightning rods (35KV, 110KV, 220KV, 1000KV lightning arrester sleeves), insulator cores, etc.

Technical characteristics of 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod

(1) Appearance: Appearance can most directly reflect the quality of the pros and cons. It is generally required that the surface should be smooth, with warm hand feeling, no bump or bubble, but uneven color, abrasion and slight height inequality are allowed that do not affect the use. Even more, small cracks in the end face or section of epoxy rod with a diameter of more than 25mm are allowed.

(2) Water absorption rate % <0.5.

(3) Project unit index density g/ CM 31.7-1.9.

(4) Dimension: Tolerance ±15mm for length of glass cloth bar of 450-900mm; When 900 ~ 1250mm, the tolerance is ±25mm.

(5) Parallel layer breakdown voltage (90±2℃ in oil) Kv≥15.

(6) Vertical layer compression strength Mpa≥241.

(7) Bending strength of vertical layer Mpa≥241.

What are the precautions for 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod?

(1) In the transportation, paper should be put outside to prevent it from hanging to something and affecting its beauty. Handle it with care when you move.

(2) The storage environment should be kept dry and ventilated, avoiding humidity. The humidity is about 70%. If it is too dry, a lot of dust will be adsorbed on it.

(3) The 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod after processing is easy to absorb water, so the surface should be coated with insulating paint for protection and insulation.

(4) Low thermal conductivity, so try to use a knife for high speed cutting.

(5) During 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod processing, there will be a lot of dust. Personnel should take protective measures to prevent dust from entering the respiratory tract.

(6) All kinds of indicators should be tested before use to see whether the requirements are met and put into use after qualified.

About 3840 glass fiber epoxy resin prepreg rod, I simply stop here. The analysis may be not very comprehensive. If you have anything to add, welcome to contact us, we can make progress together.

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