Trading electrical and insulation paper company and manufacturer profile

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Trading electrical and insulation paper company and manufacturer profile - ZTelec Group is a professional company engaged in various kinds of insulating crepe paper, cable crepe paper, transformer crepe paper, mutual inductor crepe paper and 500kV transformer turn-turn crepe paper. With the development of China's power industry, the voltage grade of transmission and transformation is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for insulating materials used on transformers are also getting higher and higher. In order to meet the requirements of major transformer and mutual inductor manufacturers, our company has introduced the low-medium loss Finnish base paper and 500KV turn-to-turn paper. The insulated crepe paper produced by ZTelec Group has been successfully applied in high-voltage products and has been highly recognized and praised by users.

Application fields of electrical and insulation crepe paper:

Electrical and insulation crepe paper is suitable for wrapping insulation of oil-immersed transformers, reactors and mutual inductors.

Appearance requirements for insulating crepe paper:

1. Appearance: the insulating crepe paper wrinkles uniform, no damage. The cut edge should be neat, uniform thickness. The paper surface shall not have any impurities, pinholes, water edge and pulp block.

Features of electrical and insulation crepe paper:

1. High voltage resistance and insulation;

2. Mechanical toughness;

3. High temperature resistance and heat insulation;

4. Chemical compatibility;

5. Low temperature performance;

6. Not sensitive to moisture;

7. Radiation resistance;

8. Non-toxic;

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