What is the price and difference between bakelite sheet board and epoxy sheet?

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Bakelite sheet board is phenolic resin paper-based laminate. Bakelite sheet board is made of phenolic resin modified with epoxy resin impregnated bleached wood pulp paper by hot pressing. It is mainly used as insulation parts in electric motors and electrical equipment. It can also be used for textile accessories, punching bottom plate and plastic mold plate, drilling machine bottom plate, bakelite comb, etc. The bakelite sheet board can be used in a wide range of applications.

Epoxy board is made from glass fiber cloth or special electronic cloth impregnated with epoxy resin, mainly used as an insulating material.

In terms of quality, epoxy sheets are better than bakelite plate and more expensive. The price of epoxy sheet is 28 to 30 RMB/square meter, and bakelite sheets board is 24 to 26 RMB/square meter or so.

Radial shrinkage ratio of bakelite sheet boards: 2:1, axial shrinkage rate: 5%, starting shrinkage temperature: 80℃.

Epoxy sheet has low shrinkage after curing, generally 1% to 2%. It is one of the varieties with the lowest curing shrinkage rate among thermosetting resins (phenolic resin is 8% ~ 10%; Unsaturated polyester resin for 4% ~ 6%; Organosilicon resin is 4% ~ 8%). Linear expansion coefficient is also very small, generally 6×10-5/℃. So its product size is stable, internal stress is small, not easy to crack.

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