Glass fabric based laminate epgc 203 hgw 2372.4

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Glass fabric based laminate epgc 203 hgw 2372.4 composite material is a kind of polyphase material which is composed of two or more components with different properties and different states through composite process. Due to its characteristics of light weight, high strength, convenient processing and forming, excellent elasticity, chemical corrosion resistance and good weather resistance, glass fabric based laminate epgc 203 composite materials have gradually replaced wood and metal alloys and are widely used in aerospace, automobile, electronics and electrical, construction, fitness equipment and other fields.

For glass fabric based laminate epgc 203 composite materials, if machining knives with longer life, typically some diamond coated tools and PCD tools will be used, and they can achieve efficient machining and precision cutting.

Glass fabric based laminate epgc 203 composite material is more temperature-resistant, non-combustible, anti-corrosion, with good heat insulation, sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation. It is widely used as parts of electronic instruments, power equipment circuit installation board, supporting board in electronics and power industry and transmission parts of high-speed machinery.

The cutting of glass fabric based laminate epgc 203 composite material is completely different from that of metal material. Its thermal conductivity is much smaller than that of metal material. The poor heat dissipation condition during the cutting of glass fiber makes the cutting tool wear sharply and the machining quality decreases. According to the cutting characteristics of fiberglass composite materials, the cutting tool made of diamond can improve the processing efficiency and reduce the processing cost under the premise of ensuring the processing quality, avoid the delamination and cracking phenomenon during the cutting process of fiberglass, and improve the surface roughness of fiberglass products.

With the application of glass fiber more and more widely, the cutting processing demand of glass fiber products is increasing, but the cutting condition of glass fiber material is poor, the thermal conductivity is poor, the knife wear is serious, the processing efficiency is not high. As for diamond fiberglass cutting knife, the wear resistance and life have improved more than 100 times compared with carbide tools. At the same time, the cutting edge is very sharp, the friction coefficient is small, and it is very suitable for fiberglass composite cutting.

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