The Production Process of Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes and Rods

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The common epoxy fiberglass laminated products include epoxy laminated sheets, epoxy fiberglass tubes and epoxy fiberglass rods. The production process of all these products is almost the same except minor differences. The first step is to prepare the pre-preg sheet, a composite material made from pre-impregnated fiberglass cloth as the reinforcement and a partially cured epoxy resin matrix. Pre-preg is one of the main materials for manufacturing laminates.

We’ve discussed about the production of pre-pregs and epoxy laminated sheets. Next, let’s focus on the epoxy fiberglass tubes and rods. After preparation of the partially cured pre-preg sheets, they will be manufactured according to the technical specifications for laminated tubes and rods respectively. The main equipment is a hot press.

Production of Epoxy Fiberglass Laminated Tubes

1.Hot rolling: PP sheets are pressed against the mold and then rolled.

2.Curing: Place the well rolled tubes in the oven and bake them.

3.Release from the mandrel: The fully cured finished products are released from the mandrel.

Production of Epoxy Fiberglass Rods

1.Shaping: Rub the PP sheets into round rod shape by machine or hand as per different specifications.

2.Hot pressing: Put the round rods into the mold of the hot press, and the rods will take shape at high temperature and pressure for a certain time.

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