Black G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Laminates for Flexible Solar Panel Backsheets

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Rigid solar panels are generally used for traditional silicon glass laminate photovoltaic modules, and the reinforcement materials for the module backsheets are mostly fluoropolymers (Tedlar®PVF or Kynar® PVDF and PET). It’s difficult for rigid modules to find its way into residential use due to factors such as weight, thickness, portability and bending resistance, and they are usually only used in mountainous areas, roofs and lighting equipment. Nowadays, the emergence of flexible wafers of silicon has changed the status quo of the industry, and PV cells can enter thousands of households and act as mobile power supply. ZTelec Group’s new product, NEMA G10 black thin epoxy laminated sheet, can be used as the backsheet of flexible solar panels as a reinforcement, providing outer strength support.

The flexible solar panel is made of resin-coated amorphous silicon as the major PV element layer laid flat on a flexible backing composite board. It can be bent into any curved shape or any irregular shape and installed on the top of vehicles like camping RVs and trailers, the cabin surfaces of various marine vessels such as sailboats, racing boats, powerboats, yachts,dinghies,houseboats as well as the roofs and exterior walls of buildings make full use of the abundant solar energy and convert it into electric current. This current can be stored in a battery to generate power or as an energy source.

The size and weight of flexible solar panels is only 1/10 that of the traditional rigid solar panels, and its thickness is only 1/5 that of the original, which will greatly promote the application of solar energy and make it possible to make solar cells into any shape and attach to any object surface.It’s a new technological revolution with a broad market prospect. Meanwhile, this will also trigger a huge demand for black G10 bendable sheet as the FRP material.

Flexible solar panels with G10 fiberglass backsheets as the portable PV power source have a wide range of applications, suitable for all places without electricity as the ideal power source equipment for emergency power, such as emergency disaster relief, tourism, military border posts, geological survey, archaeology, schools, hospitals, banks, gas stations, bus stops,integrated buildings, highways, family RV camping, outdoor business, island operations, vehicle backup power, etc.

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