The secret of insulating paper storage

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In the process of using insulating paper, aging is inevitable. What we can do is to prevent the aging of insulating paper as much as possible. Since insulation paper is not suitable for frequent handling, it is often stored in a fixed place. The warehouse manager was afraid that the insulating paper would get wet, so he wanted to bask in the sun. However, if the insulating paper is placed in direct sunlight, this will be detrimental to its performance, as the light and radiation will change the molecular structure of the insulating paper. Whenever the ambient temperature rises by 8°C, the life of the insulating paper will be affected. The dryness of the air and the humidity of the environment can also lead to the aging of the insulating paper. It is recommended that the moisture of the warehouse air should not exceed 70%, the temperature should be about 25 degrees, and the humid and high heat environment should be improved with a circulating fan.

How can we prevent the aging of insulating paper?

1. Prevent contact with corrosive chemical gases or liquids, which will denature the insulating function of high-density insulating cardboard and reduce the insulating strength.
2. Clean transportation tools with protective measures should be used during transportation, and should not be transported together with contaminated materials; during transfer and stacking, cardboard should not be thrown from a high place.
3. It should be properly kept to prevent the influence of rain, snow, ground moisture, acid, alkali and chemical gas, and the operating environment should be kept clean and hygienic.
4. When storing, do not open the package. Avoid direct exposure of the insulating paper to the air. The surrounding area of the paper will continuously exchange moisture with the outside world, resulting in undue deformation of the insulating paper.
5. The warehouse for storing insulating paper should be higher than a certain height on the ground, and the warehouse should be clean and well ventilated. It is not easy to have too many windows. It must be opened at a high place and must be small, and equipped with window cloths, in order to avoid direct sunlight on the insulating paper.
6. The temperature and humidity of the insulating paper packaging environment and the temperature and humidity of the insulating paper warehouse should not be too different.

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