How to choose the oil-immersed transformer

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Because of the characteristics of small size, lightweight, high efficiency, adjustable voltage, and reliable operation, oil-immersed transformers have been subject to various threats from communication equipment, television broadcasting, environmental sanitation, especially scientific experiments and scientific research, and national defense security. It is favored in the fields of experiments, scientific research, and other fields with high working voltage requirements.
The Oil-immersed transformer is a kind of variable voltage switching power supply that can provide adjustable working voltage to the load. It can be adjusted to a variety of power supply voltages suitable for use with electrical equipment. Therefore, with the development trend of the power supply system, the increase of the rated voltage, and the expansion of the transportation volume, the oil-immersed transformer is widely used because of its small loss and low engineering cost. So how do we choose the oil-immersed transformer suitable for ourselves? The key is to be clarified by the following three points.
1. Scope of working voltage: The scope of working voltage should consider the necessity of load machinery and equipment.
2. Short-circuit capacity: The volume of the oil-immersed transformer should be higher than the total volume of the overload, especially the AC  and the load also need to vacate the impact capacity during operation, which is generally 30-40% higher than the total volume of the load. . For example, it must have a volume of 40KVA, and it is a general pure resistive load. You can use a 45KVA oil-immersed transformer. If it is AC  and load, you can use an oil-immersed transformer of more than 60KVA.
3. Rated voltage: The rated current of the oil-immersed transformer is a large amount of current at high voltage in high overload operation. If it is AC and load, 30% of the capacity should be vacated.
What convenience does an oil-immersed transformer provide for enterprises?
Many companies are likely to have this kind of trouble. There are several types of machinery and equipment that have different working voltages for power distribution and are not in line with the working voltage of the power grid. If the transformers are allocated one by one, the cost is too high, and this kind of machinery and equipment is not often used. It also requires frequent maintenance, which makes the work cumbersome and troublesome. With such troubles, why not consider buying our company's oil-immersed transformer? Because ZTelec Group's oil-immersed transformer has this magical effect, its characteristic "transformation" allows it to cooperate with machines of different voltages, and it is easy to move and easy to maintain.

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