Advantages of epoxy laminate G10 fiberglass

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Epoxy laminate G10 fiberglass has very high temperature resistance, which is now up to about 160 degrees. It is fully applicable to some high-end electronic and electrical products demand. Do you know what the heat resistance advantage of epoxy laminate G10 fiberglass is?

Advantage 1: Avoid the appearance of lamination, deformation of the epoxy laminate G10 fiberglass. Under the condition of high temperature, the appearance of epoxy board is prone to deformation, which affects the appearance of the board. But its high temperature resistance can avoid the above situation.

Advantage 2: Avoid the performance of the epoxy laminate G10 fiberglass to be affected. The high temperature not only affects the appearance of the sheet, but also affects its performance, which may result in the performance of the sheet being damaged.

Advantage 3: Increase the service life of epoxy laminate G10 fiberglass. The high-temperature resistance of the sheet avoids the impact of various adverse conditions on the plate, which can delay the aging of the G10 fiberglass sheet, save people's replacement time, and improve the production efficiency.

Above is a brief description of the high temperature resistance of epoxy laminate G10 fiberglass. If that's not clear or if you want to buy the epoxy laminate G10 fiberglass, you can consult our technical personnel or salesman.

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