Fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10 14mm

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Epoxy boards can be used as insulating materials in a variety of electronic products. To meet the requirements, various types have been developed, such as G10, G11, FR-5, 3240 and FR-4, etc. Fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10 is developed on the basis of FR-4. Unlike FR-4, it is not flame retardant, and of course it does not contain halogen element, which belongs to environmental protection material. The quality of fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10 on the market is different, which manufacturer makes good G10 epoxy sheet?

ZTelec Group has always been engaged in the production and processing of insulating boards, the main products are FR-4, G10 and G11 epoxy boards. Our G10 insulation board is made of imported alkali-free glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. It has excellent functions: low water absorption, almost zero; Resistant to high temperature above 100℃; Resistance to impact of infinite voltage, good insulation function; Strong machinability, and easy cutting. We not only produce the epoxy plates, but also professionally engage in the processing. With the latest mechanical equipment, the margin can be polished smoothly without any rough. The thickness tolerance is small, and the size is fully in line with the customer's requirements. In general, fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10 can be used to make switch cabinets, transformers, DC motors and circuit breakers. To buy fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10, choosing the right manufacturer is very important. Select those small manufacturers, the quality of their goods basically will not be qualified. ZTelec Group has superior quality after a number of tests, we not only sell in the domestic market, also have fixed customers abroad.

1. The maximum operating temperature of fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10 is 120 °C, and it can be used in an environment of 130 °C within a short time. Beyond this temperature, it will warp and crack, become unusable.

2. Fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10 14mm has good electric function. Dielectric strength reaches 1000V/MIL, breakdown voltage is 65kV, and it can work continuously in the environment of high voltage and current.

3. If its mechanical processing is strong, mechanics can be good. Compressive strength is 303 Mpa, tensile strength 269 Mpa , tortuous strength 455 Mpa, shear strength 130 Mpa. It can accept the strong impact of the outside, good endurance.

4. In terms of chemical function, fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10 14mm is also good, with certain corrosion resistance ability.

5. G10 is non flame-retardant, bromine-free, in line with EU regulations, environmentally friendly, and will not pollute the environment. It is widely used in foreign countries.

As can be seen from the above, the function of fibreglass laminate sheet grade G10 14mm is very good. If you need such insulation material, please come to ZTelec Group for purchase. We can directly customize according to your requirements, and provide processing services according to the drawings.

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