Application characteristics of electric bakelite hylam sheet

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Electric electric bakelite hylam sheets are suitable for low frequency circuits. Fiberglass, also known as epoxy, is suitable for high frequency circuits.

PF electric balite sheet is also known as plastic board, phenolic laminated board. It is made of high quality bleached wood paper and lint paper as a reinforcement, and phenolic resin as a resin binder made from high purity and fully synthetic petrochemical raw materials.

Electric boards are suitable for PCB drilling, silicone rubber mold. Jig, switchboard, electrical machinery parts are suitable for high mechanical performance requirements of motor, electrical equipment and insulation structure parts. The composition of Electric boards are phenolic resin. In general, the temperature classification of phenolic laminated board is E, the highest temperature is 120 ℃. If the working environment is more than 120 ℃ for a long time, electric insulation performance will be weakened, it is what we called the insulation aging. The breakdown voltage will drop.

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