Do you know the production process of bakelite sheet?

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The whole production process of esd bakelite hylam sheet material includes 7 processes:

1. Resin synthesis

Phenolic resin is made by the reaction of high purity phenol and triformaldehyde.

2. Base material

The bakelite hylam sheet uses high whiteness containing impregnated paper, high quality pure kraft paper, pure white cloth yarn and imported cotton paper as the base material.

3. Immersion and drying

The substrate is impregnated in the resin immersion tank, and the resin content is adjusted by the roller, and then the semi-finished film is dried by the oven.

4. Quantification and superposition

The semi-finished products used for each ESD bakelite sheet are accurately quantified and then the lamination process is carried out.

5. Hot pressing

The semi-finished bakelite materials are delivered to the hot pressing machine and hardened to form at the appropriate temperature, pressure and time.

6. Edge trimming, quality inspection and packaging

The finished products after pressing must undergo trimming and strict quality inspection before packaging.

7. Storage and warehousing

A well-equipped warehouse stores finished products to ensure delivery time.

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