FR4 epoxy laminate sheet used in epoxy lapping carrier

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The most amazing function of epoxy lapping carrier is that it has a very good polishing effect. Now its polishing accuracy can be accurate within 0.02mm, and does not hurt the polishing components. The cutting surface is very smooth, there will not be any burr, even can not see the marks of the processing. And it gets people's attention and recognition. Below I will do a detailed description of the epoxy lapping carrier.

First of all, what is the processing material of the epoxy lapping carrier?

There are mainly two kinds of processing materials, which are blue steel and epoxy laminate sheet. Blue steel is a traditional processing material, its biggest characteristic is that it has very good abrasion resistance. And the biggest characteristic of epoxy glass sheet is that the processing precision is high, which does not hurt the polishing components. Now with the advent of the touch screen era, it is accelerating the development of epoxy lapping carrier. Now it is used in all walks of life with ease.

Let's take a look at the performance features of the epoxy lapping carrier.

The appearance of epoxy lapping carrier is very smooth, without any uneven phenomenon, and it feels very warm. The thickness tolerance standard of machining, on the one hand, reflects the maturity of machining technology. On the other hand, it is also a reflection of its own characteristics. In addition, it also has the advantages of good wear resistance, easy machining and good toughness. And its processing technology is not very rigid, with a very good flexibility, and it can be said to be tailored.

So epoxy laminate sheet can be used to make epoxy lapping carrier, you can contact ZTelec Group if you have this kind of need.

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