Suppliers and manufacturers of three phase transformer in Belgium

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On October 24, 2019, Belgian customers visited our factory for inspection, to understand the production progress of three-phase transformer project, and the two sides had a friendly exchange in the company's conference room. After the meeting, accompanied by the company's leaders, the customer visited the company's office building, physical and chemical laboratory, technology department, quality department, factory and so on. The production department of the company also carried out on-site operation, demonstration and explanation of the process that the customer is interested in. The customer is satisfied with the high performance and high quality three-phase transformer.

Our company produces three-phase transformer with excellent quality, the after sales installation can be well guaranteed; We sincerely welcome customers from all walks of life and peers in the industry to exchange and cooperate, conduct on-site investigation, visit and negotiate; We will be dedicated to provide you with quality solutions.

Feature of three phase transformer

This series of three phase transformers possess more reliable and superior performance and structure, and have become the main equipment required for the construction and reconstruction of the national urban and rural power grid which are recommended by the State Economic and Trade Commission.

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