Bakelite tube garolite tubing manufacturer in India

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In the golden Autumn of October, ZTelec Group welcomed the Indian guests to visit bakelite tube garolite tubing.

Accompanied by Mr. Zhang, the Indian guests visited the whole production process of phenolic bakelite tube garolite tubing and understood the development direction of insulation materials of ZTelec Group in the future. In the following symposium, the Indian customers showed great interest in the company's electrical insulation products. In addition to the existing bakelite tube cooperation, the Indian customers were willing to expand the field of insulation materials cooperation.

Description of bakelite tube garolite tubing

Bakelite tube is tube-like laminated products, which is made of special cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin, and then rolled, baked and cured under heat and hot pressing. It has excellent radial tensile strength, good mechanical strength and low water absorption. The insulation class is E class and the main color is coffee.

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