Where is laminated wood used in electrical power transformers?

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Electrical laminated wood is used for insulation and supporting parts in electrical power transformers and mutual inductors, as well as coils and clamps. Electrical laminated wood has good insulation performance, high mechanical strength, easy to machining and other characteristics.

Processing technology of electrical laminated wood: qualified substrate - primary immersion - secondary immersion - rotary cutting - veneer drying - veneer shearing and repairing - gluing and forming - prepressing - hot pressing. (Use low-medium adhesive, several layers of veneer, thickness of each veneer is 1.2-2.2mm. It is pressed under high pressure according to the crisscross of the wood grain, crosswise and parallel set of billets.)

Application of electrical laminated wood: Electrical laminated wood is widely used as insulation and support material in transformers and mutual inductors. It has the advantages of moderate specific density, high mechanical strength, convenient for vacuum drying, good compatibility with transformer oil, easy to process. Its dielectric constant is close to transformer oil, reasonable insulation coordination, and it can be used in 105℃ transformer for a long time. Under the action of external force and strong electric field, it will not break or be broken down. At present, electrical laminated wood materials have been widely used to make insulation structural components in China and abroad, such as: upper and lower pressure plate, lead support, iron yoke pad, coil insulation pressure plate, iron clamp and so on. Electrical laminated wood is used to make clamps in the transformer. It replaces steel plate, insulating board and epoxy board, thus reducing the dead weight and material cost of the transformer.

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