What are materials and equipment required for repair of dry transformer?

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Dry type transformers also have certain technology and certain maintenance, dry type transformers also need to be maintained so that the performance of dry type transformers will be more improved. Dry transformer maintenance also needs certain materials. What are materials and equipment required for repair of dry transformer? We will discuss in detail the materials and the basic process of maintenance related to dry-type transformers for your reference:

Remove dust and dirt from the outer box of dry-type transformer;

Measure the insulation resistance of the winding, and compare the insulation resistance with the manufacturer's specification or the data measured last time. If there is a significant decrease, dry treatment should be carried out;

Measure three dc resistors of high and low voltage winding;

Inspect the lost parts and replace the damaged parts, such as casing, coil, etc.

Eliminate documented defects;

Screw tight and lock all fastener bolts. If individual pad gets loose, loosen the pressing plate and add 100 pads of appropriate thickness. For products with pressed plate structure, do not exert too much force when tightening bolts;

Overhaul the fan and temperature control and display circuit components in the cooling degree system;

Rust removal and corrosion protection of the outer box;

Record the maintenance date, weather, maintenance content and repair status, replacement of spare parts, etc.

Above is the basic material for the maintenance of common dry transformer and the detailed maintenance process for your reference. If you have any other questions about the technology and materials of dry transformer maintenance, please consult us - the dry transformer manufacturers for more information!

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