Is the electrical kraft paper face on insulation the same as kraft paper?

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The electrical kraft paper face on insulation is not as same as kraft paper. They are used for different purposes.

The function of electrical kraft paper is to separate the live parts with different potentials in electrical equipment. Therefore, insulating electrical kraft paper should first have high insulation resistance and compressive strength, and can avoid electric leakage, breakdown and other accidents.

Second, the heat resistance is good so as to avoid aging and deterioration due to long-term overheating; In addition, there should also be good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and lightning protection, high mechanical strength and convenient processing characteristics.

According to the above requirements, the performance indexes of commonly used electrical kraft paper include insulation strength, tensile strength, specific gravity, coefficient of expansion, etc. Insulation compressive strength: The higher the voltage applied to both ends of the insulator, the greater the electric field force exerted on the charge in the material, and the more likely ionization collision will occur, resulting in the breakdown of the insulator.

The voltage that causes the insulator to break down is called the breakdown voltage of the insulator. The voltage kilovolts that need to be added to cause the breakdown of 1 mm thick insulating paper are called the insulation resistance strength of insulating paper, referred to as insulation strength.

Because electrical kraft paper has certain insulation strength, all kinds of electrical equipment, all kinds of safety appliances (electrician plppers, test pens, insulating gloves, insulating rods, etc.), all kinds of electrical materials, manufacturers have specified a certain allowable use voltage, known as the rated voltage. When in use, the voltage must not exceed its rated voltage, in order to avoid accidents.

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