What is the difference between 3240 epoxy glass sheet and FR4 board?

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1. Advantages of 3240 epoxy glass sheet and FR4 board:

Both have high dielectric properties, good heat resistance and good machinability. So what's the difference between them?

2. Differences between 3240 epoxy glass sheet and FR4 material

(1) FR4 epoxy plate has good flame retardant performance

FR4 is an improvement of the 3240 epoxy glass sheet, which has no flame retardant properties.

(2) FR4 board is bright in color

The color of FR4 board is very natural and has a jade feel, while the color of 3240 epoxy glass sheet is a bit eye-catching. It doesn't look very natural.

(3) FR4 is radiation-free and environmentally friendly

The 3240 epoxy glass sheet is halogenated, which is not very friendly for the environment and human body. FR4 epoxy sheets, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly.

(4) Good dimensional stability of FR4 board

FR4 board has better dimensional stability than 3240 epoxy glass sheet. During the process of pressing, the thickness tolerance of FR4 board is much better than 3240 epoxy glass sheet, so it is more suitable for processing.

(5) FR4 board can be extinguished from the fire

FR4 can be naturally extinguished in case of fire, and its safety performance is greatly improved.

(6)FR4 material has low water absorption

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