What should we pay attention to when choosing insulation materials?

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What should we pay attention to when choosing insulation materials? Nowadays, insulation materials are widely used in different electrical equipment, which has different requirements. When we choose insulating materials, like insulating kraft paper, press paper board, electrical insulation paper sheet, etc, we need to choose the appropriate type according to the characteristics of insulating materials themselves.

1. Pay attention to the compression factor. After absorbing moisture, the thickness of many materials will increase, and the thickness will decrease after further drying. This has higher requirements on the compression coefficient of insulating materials, which can withstand various deformation and contraction.

2. High heat resistance. For some insulation materials used in specific occasions, there are certain requirements for their heat resistance grades. For example: the application of solar panels, it has higher heat resistance requirements for insulating materials. If the insulation material selected is not up to the corresponding grade, the service life of the whole device may be shortened.

3. Pay attention to insulation performance. For example, due to the variety of insulating materials, cable paper, capacitor paper, insulating board and other insulation strength is different. Among them, capacitive paper is the best, cable paper is the second. In the use of different materials, we need to have basic parameter guidance for insulation, then choose the appropriate insulation materials according to these parameters.

4. Strengthen the mechanical properties. For mechanical equipment of many application fields, vibration, pulling or moving will inevitably occur during use, which makes it more difficult to the insulation materials applied for small parts. If the mechanical properties of insulating materials are weak, it will be damaged, thereby weakening its insulation performance.Therefore, when selecting insulating materials, it is also very important to measure its mechanical properties.

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