How hard is the epoxy sheet?

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How hard is the epoxy sheet? Main features of epoxy sheets: because of 7 million ultra-high molecular weight, it has a very high impact strength, high impact kinetic energy at high stress, high absorptivity, strong modulus, excellent wear resistance and sliding characteristics. The epoxy sheet still maintain dimensional stability when warm. Extremely low temperature -265℃ resistance. Excellent tensile strength, notch impact strength, acid and pigment resistance even at low temperatures.

During the production of the epoxy sheet, it is possible to increase the high density polyethylene plate, and during the process of relative low density, it is possible to increase the relative temperature of the stable melting temperature and the melting point. According to the application of PE bar processing procedures, it can increase the processing stability in a wide range of applications, stable shrinkage during the process of melting with chemicals and substances.

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