Application of FR4 dissipative laminate star wheel

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FR4 dissipative laminate star wheel is used in glass, lens, silicon wafer, hard disk and other planar polishing process fixture, also known as the polishing fixture, polishing pad, etc. Polishing technology has developed for many years and has become very mature. In recent years, mass electronic products such as mobile phones and tablet computers have been popularized in large numbers. Touch screen has developed rapidly, and lens polishing has developed rapidly. The raw material of star wheel has changed from blue steel sheet to FR4 dissipative laminate.

At present, FR4 epoxy laminate board star wheel is mainly made of FR-4 glass fiber sheet. Based on various characteristics, glass fiber board is the most suitable material for making star wheel in the market. For example, it is wear-resistant, easy to process and shape, and does not hurt the polishing workpiece. However, fiberglass sheet are mostly electronic insulating materials, the wear resistance of fiberglass panels is not high, so the wear resistance of fiberglass sheet is not enough compared with metal plates.

FR4 dissipative laminate of ZTelec Group, China has carried out professional exploration in this field, and made targeted improvement on the production formula of epoxy resin sheet, which not only maintains the characteristics of FR-4 glass fiber laminate sheet, but also increases the toughness and wear resistance of the board, which is more suitable for the application of star wheel industry.

The manufacturing process of FR4 dissipative laminate star wheel is very exquisite. The polishing process of lens, silicon wafer and gemstone is very fine, so the requirements for the finished product of star wheel are also very fine. Of course, many glass factories today still use stamping to make star wheels, simply because it is cheap to produce and there is no requirement for polishing. However, with the development of the industry and the progress of technology, more and more star wheels are now processed by computer gongs. The advantage of this method is that the machining precision of the finished product is very high, which can be controlled within 0.02mm. The cutting surface is very smooth, without any glitch, and even the marks of processing cannot be seen. At the same time, mass production conditions also reduce the unit cost, it is bound to replace the way of stamping forming in the future.

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