G10 epoxy laminate sheet used in motor

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I'm sure you're familiar with the four words “get to the top”. There is often a person on the Internet who has climbed to the top of that industry, describing a person or thing that has achieved great success in that industry. I think the performance characteristics of the G10 epoxy fiber glass laminate green have reached the peak in the insulation board industry. Let me give you a detailed description of the G10 epoxy.

First of all, what is the material of the G10 epoxy fiber glass laminate sheet?

Its processing materials are also mainly composed of two kinds, namely epoxy resin and electrical glass cloth. Nowadays, it is the most outstanding epoxy plate in terms of performance. Compared with other models, it has made a new breakthrough in environmental protection, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, internal stress and other aspects.

           G10 fiberglass sheet for motor

The following is a detailed description of the performance characteristics of G10 epoxy fiber glass laminate sheet.

(1) Excellent machining performance. We can press and cut the sheet according to the customer's requirement, and provide insulating parts

(2) Excellent low water absorption rate

The water absorption rate is almost 0. After 24 hours of immersion, the water absorption rate is only 0.09%

(3) Excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy

Heat resistance grade up to 160-180 ℃; Flame retardant: UL 94 V-0

Finally, the specific use of G10 epoxy fiber glass laminate sheet is briefly introduced.

1. Insulation parts for motors and electrical equipment

2. It can be used in humid environment and transformer oil

3. High voltage switch cabinet and high voltage switch (such as insulation materials at two ends of motor stator, rotor end plate rotor insulation sheet, slot wedge, wiring board, etc.)

ZTelec Group processes G10 epoxy fiber glass laminate sheet for transformer, it is one of the first two in the insulation material industry now. Welcome to inquire if you have this demand.

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