Phenolic board for sale in Muntinlupa city of Philippines

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With the rapid development of ZTelec Group and the continuous innovation of research and development technology, ZTelec insulation materials is also expanding the international market, and has attracted many foreign customers to visit and investigate.

With the further expansion of the business, the electrical insulation products exported to the Philippines have been highly recognized by the local market. Yesterday, the largest agent of the Philippines came to our company, and the company expressed its warm welcome to the arrival of the Philippine customers!

Yang, chairman of our company, discussed business with customers and communicated with them in detail about company strength, development plan, product sales and typical cooperative customers.

This customer’s investigation has two aspects, no doubt, electrical insulation material like phenolic board is one of the key objects of investigation, the other is the dry and oil-filled transformer equipment of our company. Because a large part of the electrical insulation materials produced by our company are used in transformers and other electrical equipment.

Accompanied by our R & D consultant and sales department manager Mr. Zhang, the customer visited the phenolic bakelite hylam sheet laminate board production workshop on the spot and we were highly appraised by the customer. From the site, the customer had a direct understanding of the company and fully affirmed the company's R & D ability, production capacity and management. Mr. Zhang gave detailed answers to customers' questions, the rich professional knowledge and the well-trained work ability had left the deep impression on the customer.

After the visit, the Philippine customer and our company had an in-depth discussion on the future cooperation between the two sides and reached the intention of cooperation.

The visit of foreign customers not only strengthened the communication between our company and foreign customers, but also laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of ZTelec brand products. In the future, we will always adhere to high-quality products, actively expand market share, and constantly improve and develop!

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