Phenolic board for junction box Kuwait

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On August 26, 2019, the Kuwait customer visited our factory and inspected the phenolic board for junction box. The customer firstly watched ZTelec Group's company video, and then both sides introduced their respective company conditions. After preliminary understanding, the Kuwait customer affirmed the comprehensive strength of our company.

After the meeting, accompanied by the company's leaders, the Kuwait customer visited the company's office, laboratory, process department, technology department and phenolic board production workshop. The company's technical staff explained the phenolic board they interested on site. The customer was very satisfied with the high performance and high quality of ZTelec Group phenolic board.

After the visit, the Kuwait customer had a deeper understanding of ZTelec Group. In the subsequent conversation, the two sides reached further consensus on a number of cooperation intentions. With strong technical strength, advanced production technology, excellent product quality and perfect service system, ZTelec Group has become a manufacturer highly praised and trusted by customers in the same industry. ZTelec Group adheres to the "customer first, service first" principle, wins the trust of customers and sets up a good corporate image.

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