How to distinguish the quality of epoxy plate like G11 sheet?

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Epoxy board is a laminated board, mainly made of epoxy resin binder, paper, cotton and other substrates. There are many types of epoxy boards, including 3240 epoxy sheet, G11 epoxy sheet, G10 epoxy laminated sheet and FR4 epoxy sheet, etc. They have similar properties but differ in detail.

Now epoxy plate can be said to be an indispensable component in electronic products, it can be used to make the splint mold, electronic products in the insulation components,etc. Some special epoxy plate can also be processed into light, thin mobile phone leather case. Because it is such an important part, there are inevitably some defective products in the market, so how to look at the quality of epoxy board like G11 sheet?

The first thing to look at is the appearance of G11 epoxy sheet. The epoxy should be smooth and smooth, and any dents, scratches or other marks are defective. Also, the sides of the crosscut should be neat, but some rough edges have burrs and are sticking. G11 high temperature epoxy resin fiberglass laminated sheets are colored, including aqua, yellow, black, white, etc. The epoxy sheet should look uniform and full in color.

The epoxy is strong and tough, you can try to bend it or force it when you test its performance. If it's weak and easy to fold, the quality is not good. G11 epoxy sheet is waterproof and resistant to chemical corrosion, and can work well in wet environment. So this can also be used to test its performance. As an insulating material, insulation performance must be good, non-conductive, even in harsh environments.

The quality of the epoxy board is basically to see the above point. If the appearance is beautiful, physical and chemical properties are good, then quality will be good. A lot of poor quality epoxy boards can be seen on the outside. In the mixed market, you also need to learn the relevant knowledge if you need some product, so as not to be deceived by others.

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