What are the benefits of high temperature resistant G10 laminated sheet?

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Epoxy board manufacturer: What are the advantages of high temperature resistant G10 laminated sheet?

G10 epoxy boards are well known in the insulation industry for their high temperature resistance. Have you ever thought about the advantages of high-temperature G10 material? What are the benefits?

Benefit 1: Expand the application field of epoxy plate. This feature makes it more suitable for more high-end, higher requirements of electrical and electronic equipment. To make G10 epoxy plate is more familiar to people.

Benefit 2: Improve the productivity. Nowadays, in order to improve production efficiency, a lot of electrical and electronic equipment generally work all the year round without interruption, which will naturally generate a lot of heat, and make the temperature rise. The high-temperature resistance of G10 epoxy sheet can withstand high temperature, so there is no need to be afraid of temperature rise, shutdown, or the time of material replacement due to the change in the performance of G10 epoxy plate caused by high temperature, thus improving the production efficiency.

Benefit 3: Avoid damage to appearance and performance. High temperature may cause the appearance and performance characteristics of the sheet to be greatly damaged. The high temperature resistance of the epoxy plate prevents appearance cracking, non-smoothness, lamination and insulation failure, further increases the service life of G10 fiberglass and wins a better reputation for the epoxy plate.

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