What are the characteristics of FR4 sheet? What is the application?

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A very important plate in the epoxy sheet is FR4 sheet. FR4 sheet is combustion resistant plate, it can have a very good flame retardancy. According to different market demands, FR4 sheet insulation board, epoxy board, epoxy resin board, glass fiber board and so on are also available. What are the important characteristics of FR4 sheet? ZTelec Group will give you a detailed introduction, so that we can better understand the FR4 sheet.

FR4 sheet is made by laminating glass fiber cloth with epoxy resin by heating, then the characteristics of FR4 plate we want are usually achieved through additives, which is the same as 3240 epoxy resin sheet, but the biggest property of FR4 plate is flame retardancy.

Overview of FR4 sheet

FR4 is a name for the international grade of flame retardant materials, which means that in what kind of combustion conditions can be self-extinguished. Because of its very high insulation, FR4 flame retardant boards are widely used in board circuits.

Classification of FR4 fiberglass sheet

There are many types of FR4 plate. Because the industry needs are different, the common is FR4 epoxy board/insulation board, and epoxy resin board, FR-4, glass fiber board, FR-4 epoxy resin board, flame retardant insulation board, FR-4 glass fiber board, epoxy glass cloth board, epoxy glass cloth laminate.

Most of the products under the classification of these plates are characterized by stable insulation performance, smooth surface without dents, and very smooth plate for mass cutting. They are widely used for products with many insulation requirements, such as epoxy lapping carrier/electrical equipment baffle/transformer baffle/electronic switch and so on.

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