What are the characteristics of FR-4 epoxy laminate sheet?

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What are the characteristics of FR-4 epoxy laminate sheet? Why do I share this topic with you? Today, I opened my email and saw that there was a customer asking about this problem. Although I have talked a lot about performance characteristics and uses of FR-4 epoxy sheets, but not very comprehensive. Today I will give you a detailed explanation on this issue.

Insulation: Vertical layer electrical strength of FR4 epoxy laminate (in 90±2℃ transformer oil, sheet thickness of 1mm) : ≥ 14.2MV /m, and it is the best choice for many insulation parts.

High temperature resistance: FR4 material has a high temperature resistance of up to 140 degrees. In this way, there is no need to worry that the insulation property of FR4 material will be seriously damaged as the temperature rises.

Convenient curing: The epoxy resin system can be almost cured in the temperature range of 0~180℃ by using different curing agents.

Good appearance: The surface smoothness of FR4 fiberglass sheet is very good, no pits, thickness tolerance standard.

Outstanding flame retardant performance: FR4 fiberglass sheet is an improvement of 3240 epoxy sheet. Its flame retardant performance meets UL 94V-0 standard.

The processing procedure is simple: The whole processing process of FR4 epoxy laminate only needs high temperature and high pressure. Convenient and fast.

Wide thickness range: Its processing thickness of FR4 material ranges from 0.1mm to 100mm, allowing people to have more choices.

Because of its environmental protection, high quality and low price, quick delivery and other characteristics, FR4 fiberglass sheet is now favored by people, and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. If you want to know more about performance characteristics, applications, processing technology FR-4 epoxy sheet, welcome to consult ZTelec Group.

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