Do you know that FR4 is also a type of PCB board reinforcement material classification?

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PCB board reinforcement materials are generally divided into the following types: phenolic PCB paper substrate, composite PCB substrate, and fiberglass PCB substrate.

Phenolic PCB paper substrate: Because this PCB board is composed of paper pulp and wood pulp, it is sometimes called cardboard, V0 board, flame retardant board and 94HB board, etc. Its main material is wood pulp fiber paper, which is pressurized and synthesized by phenolic resin. This paper substrate is not fireproof. It can be punched processing, low cost, low price, relatively low density. Phenolic paper substrate we often see is XPC, FR-1, FR-2, FE-3 and so on. And 94V0 belongs to flame retardant paperboard, which is fireproof.

Composite PCB substrate: also known as powder board. It is made of wood pulp fiber paper or cotton pulp fiber paper as the reinforcing material, and it is supplemented by glass fiber cloth as the surface reinforcing material. Both materials are made of flame-retardant epoxy resin. There are single-side semi-glass fiber 22F, CEM-1 and double-side semi-glass fiber plate CEM-3, among which CEM-1 and CEM-3 are the most common composite copper-clad laminates at present.

Fiberglass PCB substrate: sometimes called epoxy sheet, fiberglass sheet, FR4 fiberglass sheet, fiberboard, etc. It uses epoxy resin as binder and fiberglass cloth as reinforcement. This kind of circuit board has a high working temperature and is little affected by the environment. This kind of board is often used in double-sided PCB, but its price is expensive compared with composite PCB substrate, and its common thickness is 1.6mm. This kind of substrate is suitable for all kinds of power board, high level circuit board, and it is widely used in computer and peripheral equipment, communication equipment and so on.

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