What is the method of making FR4 epoxy fixture?

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First of all, let's understand the characteristics of FR4/G10 laminated sheet: insulation laminated FR4 sheet is a kind of substrate with epoxy resin as binder and electronic grade glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material. Its binder and inner core thin copper-clad plate are important base materials for the production of multilayer printed circuit boards. The mechanical properties, dimensional stability, impact resistance and moisture resistance of FR4 fiberglass epoxy board are higher than those of paper substrates. Its electrical performance is good, the working temperature is higher, the performance of itself is less affected by the environment. In processing technology, it is superior to other resin fiberglass substrate. This kind of product is mainly used for double-sided PCB with large dosage. As for epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, the most widely used product model is FR4 epoxy laminate. In recent years, due to the development of electronic product installation technology and PCB technology, high Tg FR4 products have appeared again.

FR4 epoxy fixture is a device used to fix the processing object in the mechanical manufacturing process so that it occupies the correct position to accept construction or testing, it is also known as fixture. In a broad sense, the devices which are used to install the workpiece quickly, conveniently and safely device in any part of a process can be called fixture, such as welding fixture, inspection fixture, assembly fixture and machine tool fixture, etc. Among them, machine tool fixture is the most common, often referred to as fixture. When the workpiece is processed on the machine tool, the workpiece must be installed (positioned) and clamped before processing in order to make the surface of the workpiece meet the technical requirements such as the size and geometry specified in the drawing and the mutual position accuracy with other surfaces. Fixture usually consists of positioning element (make sure the correct location of the workpiece in the fixture), clamping device, adjusting tool guide components (determine the relative position of props and workpiece or guidance tool direction), indexing device (so that the workpiece in a single installation can complete the processing of several stations, there are two types of rotary indexing device and linear movement indexing device), connected components and clamping concrete (fixture base), etc.

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